At the Monkeybrain Comics panel Saturday afternoon at Rose City Comic Con, mention of Kinski (when I asked the creators present, as I did at Emerald City Comicon, what Monkeybrain books they are really into other than their own) brought about the observation that many people seem to be discussing it as something of a dark book, despite the fact that nothing especially or overly dark yet has happened in it. I got to thinking about why, and I wonder if it isn’t simply that the precipitating central event — the theft of a dog — in addition to being inexplicable and indeed thus far unexplained is such a random and out of left field occurrence that some readers can’t help but feel a sense of general foreboding. This book is similar, for me, to Bandette in that it’s been a Monkeybrain offering that’s taken me completely by surprise after first blush suggested it could not possibly be for me. There’s really no way I can think of to pitch this book to a potential new reader. I imagine it all comes down either to knowing Hardman’s work already (I didn’t) or just trusting someones recommendation. There’s no Kinski presence at Rose City Comic Con (his Twitter feed says “jury duty”), so consider this my attempt to turn that brief discussion at the Monkeybrain panel into a recommendation here. Go get.

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    KINKSI is the best book that Monkeybrain puts out. You should buy it.
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